1998 Dramatisches

Walter Mehring als Teil eines Stückes für amerikanische Schüler

Das „Holocaust Teacher Resource Center“ hat 1998 bei Sean Price das Stück „Rescued from the Holocaust“ in Auftrag gegeben. In ihm spielt Varian Fry vom „Emergency Rescue Committee“ die zentrale Rolle. Genauso wie 1940/41 bei der Rettung Hunderter Intellektueller in Marseille. Die vierte Szene lässt auch Walter Mehring da Wort ergreifen:

Narrator D: Eventually, Meyerhof escapes and reaches the U.S. Meanwhile, Fry explores every means of getting people out of France. On a trip to Spain, he meets a British officer…
Major Torr: We’d love to loan you boats to help with the refugees. But we’re at war with Germany, and the British navy has no boats to spare. We still might be able to help, though.
Fry: How?
Torr: We can give you $10,000—if you will use some of the money to help British soldiers who are trapped in France to escape. The rest you can use to rent boats for your refugees.
Fry: I’ll take it.
Torr: You should realize that by taking this money you have just become a British agent. If the Germans find out, they could shoot you or put you in a concentration camp.
Narrator D: Fry is able to help many British soldiers escape. But his plan to rent boats for smuggling refugees falls apart.
Fry: What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be sailing to British Gibraltar right now.
Walter Mehring: The boat never came.
Fry: What happened?
Mehring: The boat’s captain took the money and told us he’d be right back. Then he disappeared.

Und hier findet sich das ganze kleine Stück „Rescued from the Holocaust“ von Sean Price

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